Today AEGIS runs different use cases in Northern Europe, which however are applicable to other regions in Europe. The use cases represent typical short sea transports that need to be linked to last mile distribution systems.

Short sea terminals

Transport from large ports in Europe (e.g. Rotterdam) to smaller destinations along sparsely populated coasts of Europe. This is a LOLO (LIFT-ON/LIFT-OFF), and primarily a container-based transport system. 

By using fewer terminals nearby the main fairway, the idea is to increase the overall service speed.

A flexible system is present in the last part of the transport route where small unmanned vessels, preferably autonomous and electric, will ensure the cargo to reach its final destination.

AEGIS use case A
AEGIS case B

Short sea and inland shipping interface

The idea is to create an interface between RORO transport from several North European ports and inland navigation. Examples of ports are Rotterdam in Netherland and Ghent and Zeebrugge in Belgium. 

These ports can then be connected to smaller inland destinations in Flanders and create waterway connections.

This brings the cargo as close to the end destination as possible (final delivery).

In addition to the automated transportation system, zero emission vessels will make the system even better.

Revitalizing regional ports and city centre terminals. 

Real estate development at the waterfront has forced the Danish SME (Small-Medium Enterprises) ports in Aalborg and Vordingborg out of the city centres. 

Still located in central areas, several improvements to the ports have to be done in order to compete with road transport.

Key elements are lower overall costs, higher feeder frequency and a more competitive RORO segment.

Multimodal green logistics solutions are possible with a combined short-sea shipping and rail transport.

AEGIS use case C

Additional technology providers

In addition to the use case owners, the consortium consists of technology providers Cargotec and MacGregor (cranes and cargo equipment), Grieg Connect (Digital integration) as well as ISE, DTU, AAU and SINTEF Ocean as research partners. The AEGIS consortium comprises 12 highly qualified partners from 4 countries: Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany. The project is coordinated by SINTEF Ocean in Norway