Final event and Autonomy week!

5. October 2023

AEGIS, MOSES and AUTOSHIP projects are now arranging their joint final event on November 7th at Europort, Rotterdam Ahoy.

We’re thrilled to invite you to this joint event hosted by all three H2020 projects.

Join us to discuss market, technology, and policy developments that will enable autonomy to have a significant impact on the waterborne sector in the EU, fostering the needed modal shift toward more efficient and greener waterborne transport.

Register to the joint event here.

This event kicks off a discussion on current research and academic activities focused on the development of maritime autonomous surface ships. On November 8th, ICMASS (the International Conference on #Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships), which presents cutting-edge research to both academic and industry researchers, will take place at Rotterdam Ahoy.

For more information about the ICMASS program, visit the link here.

Don’t miss the opportunity for a 3-day event to navigate the future of European waters with autonomous innovation!

The three projects’ joint event and the ICMASS conference will be held during Europort 2023 at Ahoy Rotterdam.

Free registration for Europort is required to attend both events and access the conference’s meeting rooms.

Registration for Europort is available here.