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Autonomous cargo handling can increase usage of the short sea in last-mile shipping which can reduce emissions and road traffic congestion. For commercial and logistical feasibility of autonomous operations, a connected digital solution is required where all stakeholders participate throughout the cargo lifecycle. The connected digital solution solves the challenges around cargo data flow and information sharing. A cloud-based experimental platform is designed and developed that provides cargo information management and sharing for autonomous container handling. The platform essentially enables autonomous operations and
improves the efficiency of cargo flow from the origin to the destination, while keeping all stakeholders, actors, and systems in the loop.

In 2019, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) made it mandatory to support the electronic clearance of ships entering foreign ports. In preparation, the IMO Facilitation Committee started to develop a reference data model to harmonise the most important standards for ship clearance. The first version was published in 2020. The model is already extending into other areas of ship-port data exchanges and it is now increasingly seen as a tool to coordinate development of new electronic data exchange standards for ship operations. The lack of such coordination has, up until now, been a significant problem—much better coordination is essential in the relatively small and highly international market that shipping represents.


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