Upcoming webinar on cargo unit standardisation

21. October 2021

Towards more automation and autonomy in inland navigation and short-sea logistics; use this opportunity to take part in a 2-hour digital webinar to broaden your knowledge on how ALICE and some important European and EU funded initiatives contribute to meet the overall goals of the Transport White paper. In this webinar we will discuss the challenges and possibilities in more standardized cargo units.

Date and time: Monday, November 8th 10:00 to 12:00 CET

The questions to be investigated in this webinar are:

  1.    What types (LoLo/RoRo/other, eg pallets) of loading units are more attractive?
  2.    What about size, any limitations due to autonomy, green policies or intermodality?
  3.    Is cargo unit standardization key for a more efficient cargo handling operational system?
  4.    What are the challenges and what are the solutions that the projects propose?

Find more information here:

Link to pdf and registration