AEGIS arranged a joint stakeholder workshop with AUTOSHIP and MOSES

4. February 2021

The EU projects AUTOSHIP, MOSES and AEGIS joined forces and successfully arranged an online workshop on automation and autonomy in short sea logistics on January 28th. About 100 people registered and participated in the event!

The questions investigated in this workshop were:

  1. How will automation and autonomy contribute to efficient and sustainable short sea cargo transport in Europe?
  2. What are the challenges and what are the solutions that these three projects propose?

The projects were presented and there was a very fruitful panel debate following the presentations. The panel consisted of moderator Ørnulf Jan Rødseth (SINTEF Ocean) and the four participants:

  • EU DG Move: Jacob Terling
  • EU DG RTD: Peter Crawley
  • SeaEurope: Benoît Loicq 
  • ALICE Logistics Platform: Fernando Liesa

Thank you to the presenters, the moderator and last but not least, the panel participants! A recording of the workshop follows under:

And links to the presentations here: